Comax Flavors listed apple carrot ginger, blueberry elderberry and manuka honey as 2021 top flavor trends called “immunity boost.“ Amongst all the functional options, immunity-boosting beverage and healthy food products are the much in demand in the market. In addition, ingredients and flavors are identified by consumers as immunity boosters namely – citrus and other fruits rich in vitamin C, berries, yogurt, dark chocolate, ginger, green tea and matcha as well – will be trendy to health buff consumers.

Flavors are used in different applications such as non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, beverage syrups, plant-based, dairy applications, baked products and confectioneries, as well as other nutritional products.

The other 2021 flavor trends listed by Comax Flavors include “breakfast basics” with flavors such as cereal and milk, jelly, donuts, home baker with flavors such as banana bread, blueberry cheesecake, pizza and others.

Citrus flavors are recognized being healthy; used as natural or organic and it gives refreshing and clean taste. Berries are identified as antioxidant as well. These flavors are much in demand  flavors through all product categories.

Beck Flavors listed Top 2021 Flavors in Four Categories: Fruits, Botanical, Innovative and People’s Choice.

According to Beck Flavors, the four key flavors for 2021; Yuzu, Cherry Blossom, Dill Pickle and Honeycomb Toffee Flavors are expected to play a key role in the F&B landscape. Moreover, ingredients featuring immunity claims and botanical “twists” are also emerging.

  • Fruits, consumed with immunity; that is a growing trend for beverages with beneficial ingredients  to prevent health issues. Yuzu, the top fruit flavor; has tart and fragrant taste closely like a combination of grapefruit and mandarin orange. It may be paired with other fruits like strawberry or pear or it can stand on its own.
  • Botanical, Cherry Blossom; it was chosen as the top botanical flavor for 2021. The taste is much more subtle; sweet with a hint of the flower’s fragrance. According to Page, a blossoming flavor will be seen in tea (hot or cold), mocktails, alcohol, coffee and desserts.
  • For the Innovative category; Dill Pickle was crowned as winner. This flavor has become popular in everything from beer to popcorn. According to Beck Flavors, it can be used in a wide range of applications such as cocktails, beer, chocolate, coffee, candy, ice cream, chips, popcorn and more.
  • Honeycomb Toffee, won in the People’s Choice;  both flavors – honeycomb and toffee – are popular respectively, but the combinations are where the innovation happens. According to Page, Honeycomb Toffee will be seen more in coffee, alcohol, confectionery, dessert and ice cream applications.

 According to Flavorman, Beverage Flavors will come with immunity, cognitive and mood-boosting benefits. Fragrant Flavors like hibiscus, elderflower and orange blossom will be combined with other berry, botanical and citrus elements to emphasize functional ingredient blends in applications such as teas, enhanced waters and kombucha.

With the sought-after flavors and ingredients in the market, still health and wellness of every individual are the most important factors that is always considered when consuming food and beverage.

“Consumers will likely seek ways to take care of themselves and look for ingredients like turmeric, matcha, ginger, citrus, green tea and other foods that boost the immune system,” Beck concludes.

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