For confectionary, color has always been the strongest weapon to attract consumers. However, colors were not always natural and organic – two movements that are changing the face of food processing.

Many companies have already switched to natural colors in their food and beverage products all over the world. In Europe and US, the confectionary industry has adopted colors from fruits and vegetables. Studies show that parents who are considered as a key consumer group in confectionary industry, are quite sensitive on the products containing artificial colors and this along with other motives, will continues motivating companies to shift to use natural colors.

How market is reacting to shifting to natural colors:

Like any new movement that leads to changes in the ingredients, natural colors has also faced challenges to fully be accepted in the market. It could be because of not giving that strong, bright colors as artificial colors provide, which is absolutely normal.

But as more studies were conducted and consumers are educated on the health benefit of natural colors, we have seen more and more usage of natural colors in products of food products.

Also, to avoid any risk losing demand on the current products by changing colors used, many companies, start introducing a “healthier” product by introducing a new product in the market to evaluate the market response.

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