In many cultures – especially Middle Eastern – Pineapple compote is the one that every visitor will bring for the patient resting either at hospital or home.  It was known that Pineapple has immune boosting powers!

Well, not only Pineapple has immune boosting powers, but it has many more benefits that this article briefly covers.

Here are the top 7 benefits:

  1. Immune Booster and Inflammation Fighter:

Pineapple juice helps increase granulocyte count in the blood which are the white blood cells responsible for fighting off viruses and bacteria. It also helps reducing inflammation due to high levels of amino acids, antioxidants and Vitamin A.

      2. Detoxifying the Body and Mind:

Pineapple juice is loaded with antioxidants and proteolytic enzyme (Bromelain), and therefore, it is a good detox drink. Pineapple has a long-standing history as a digestive aid, a potent cleanser that alkalizes the body, and a metabolism booster.

The B vitamins present in pineapple stimulate brain functioning and reduce stress and strain. In addition, pineapple contains Tryptophan – an amino acid involved in Serotonin (happy hormone) production.

      3. Improves Vision:

Vitamin C and antioxidants present in pineapple counteract opacification of the ocular lens that eventually results in cloudiness and vision loss. Beta-carotene, Vitamin A, potassium, and manganese fight off cell damage that leads to macular degeneration in the elderly. Regular consumption of pineapple juice means reduced risk of developing cataract and macular degeneration.

      4. Pineapple Juice Supports Healthy Skin:

Pineapple is rich in manganese which, along with vitamin C, is required for synthesizing collagen that is a structural component of skin that prevents sagging and wrinkles, strengthens joints, and increases skin hydration.

Manganese also functions as an antioxidant to protect skin cells from UV damage. That explains why Pineapple juice is the famous summer drink!

     5. Heart – Healthy Drink:

Again because of its potassium and bromelain content, pineapple prevents blood clotting, eases the tension of the blood vessels, promotes circulation, and improves cardiovascular health. It will also protect from heart attacks and strokes.

Pineapple also contains copper, an essential mineral in red blood cell that carry oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the body.

     6. Cancer Protective:

Pineapple can offer protection from cancer by acting as a bolster. Vitamin C, Bromelain, flavonoids, and other antioxidants present in the fruit combat free radicals, but the hero that makes pineapple an anti-cancerous food is manganese. Manganese is the co-factor involved in the production of superoxide dismutase enzyme that helps to break down free radicals in the body.

     7. Strengthen Your Gums:

We often receive the advice of consuming fresh pineapple or pineapple juice a few days prior to and after dental surgery to prevent swelling, bruising, and inflammation from Dentists. Bromelain and Vitamins C and K reduce inflammation and help with wound healing. The astringents present in pineapple can tighten up gum tissues and even fix teeth loosening or retracted gums.

Bromelain can remove stains and break up plaque. In addition, the manganese in pineapple promotes overall oral health.


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