Slim Line / Rotary Stepper Motor

This step motor developed by Sonceboz, Switzerland has the unique qualities of being very small, light (7g) and extremely low-noise (<30 dB(A)). All these elements are very important for all functions in the vehicle’s interior. Such motors are mostly used in Instruments Clusters, Head-up displays, motorized air vents. The advantages are:

  • Low noise
  • High vibration resistance
  • Smooth movement

Linear Actuator Stepper Motor

Based on a tin-can stepper motor technology, this actuator is used on a wide range of applications. Its dimensions as well as power density and weight are key advantages. Used in harsh environments, it is capable of functioning in temperatures from -40 to +140 °C, and can support vibrations up to 40g. It is used to Idle air control and regulate water flow. The advantages are:

  • Low weight
  • life time
  • Reliability


We offer a range of lamps for automotive, railway signaling, Medicine Technology, specialized vehicles, LED laps and other special lamps.


We are supplying range of different sensors such as:

Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor (EGTS) detects exhaust gas temperature, converts it into a voltage and feeds.

Air Temperature / Temperature Sensors: They are “Thermometers” that convert temperature into electric signals in order to be interpreted by on-board electronic systems.

Oxygen Sensor: Oxygen Sensor is located in the vehicle exhaust and its main function is to analyze the amount of oxygen present in the gases released by the engine.

TPS Sensor: Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is used to determine the angular position of a mechanical component shaft or the linear position of a valve stem.

MAP Sensor: The Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) is an important Electronic Injection System Sensor. It is a “pressure gauge” that turns the pressure measured at the intake manifold into electrical signals informing the ECU.

Rotation Sensor: Crankshaft, Camshaft, Speed and ABS Sensor

ROTATION SENSORS, they are very important components in the Electronic Injection System as they measure the rotation of the shaft where it is installed, and inform the Control Unit (ECU). If the sensor has problems the vehicle may not work.


We supply variety of automotive belts such as Timing belt, Synchronous Belts, open length and transport timing belts.