FGI is the beverage and food ingredients supplier and distributor to the food and beverage producers located in the UAE and GCC. Our ingredients basket in chosen carefully, to make sure that it adds value to the production of our customers.

We supply high quality products including:

  • Fruit Products: such as juice, juice concentrates (frozen and aseptic), puree, organic fruits, frozen fruits and dry fruits, available from a wide range of fruits.
  • Dairy products: such as Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Whey Powder, Buttermilk Powder, unsalted butter blocks and many more products.
  • Cocoa products: such as natural and alkalized cocoa powders in different fat contents (0-2%, 10-12%, 20-22% and 22-24%), Cocoa Mass and Cocoa butter for both food and cosmetics industry.
  • Flavors: we supply a wide range of flavors for different food and beverage applications in categories such as citrus, fruits, floral, herbal, brown notes, confectionery, spices, sauces, vegetables and bakery.
  • Functional Ingredients and supplements: we supply a wide range of functional ingredients such as green tea and Matcha extracts, water-soluble water and more.

How to order

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If you are in the beverage or food industry in the UAE or GCC, we invite you to visit our range of products and send us your inquiry to info@fgi-uae.com or simply via the below form. Our team will get in contact with you to discuss further in details. You can also use our order form.