FGI offers a wide range of high quality dairy products, cocoa products, matcha powder, fruit products of different categories and a variety of flavors that is of great ingredients for different types of ice cream.

People in any part of the world loves to eat ice cream whenever they wanted, in no particular season; winter, spring, summer or fall. In all walks of life, they have different preferences how it is made and what are the important ingredients to satisfy their cravings according to their taste; milk, chocolates, fruits and other flavors.

Our Top Most Ice Cream Flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip and Butter Pecan Flavors are the classic ones that will always be available in the market.

Cocoa Powder is exclusively used to create ice cream chocolate flavor.  With the decadently sweet, creamy and rich chocolate; it will make any ice cream lover swoon.

Skimmed Milk Powder is usually used for ice cream to increase the solid content and it gives more body to the ice cream. It is highly recommended to use good quality and fresh powder to have a premium milk taste of ice cream.

With the Fruit Flavor Ice Cream, your dessert is extravagantly served with fruit products such as fruit puree or fruit pieces that enhances oozing juicy fruit flavor that will add to taste of your preferred ice cream fruit flavor.

You can find all the flavor, dairy, chocolate and fruit products of popular ice cream ingredients here in FGI.

FGI is the distributor of Jean Niel and JS Cocoa products.