Food & Beverage


We supply flavors from a complete library from families of fruit, citrus, herbal, spices, brown notes and more in powder and liquid form and suitable for all types of water-based and oil-based applications such as dairy, confectionery, bakery, culinary, beverages and tobacco.

Ask you for the trendy flavors and we will provide for your customized flavors to help keeping uniqueness of your product.

Fruit products

We provide a variety of fruit products in industrial volume:

  • Pineapple Juice NFC (Not From Concentrate)
  • Pineapple Juice Concentrate
  • Clarified Pineapple Juice Concentrate
  • Watermelon Concentrate
  • Apple Juice Concentrate
  • Frozen Watermelon Puree
  • Aseptic Mango Puree (Thailand Source)
  • Aseptic Mango Puree (Philippines Source)
  • Aseptic Banana Puree
  • Aseptic Guava Puree (Egypt Source)
  • Aseptic Guava Puree (Philippines Source)
  • Frozen Red Papaya Puree
  • Frozen Yellow Papaya Puree
  • Canned Pineapple Tidbits
  • Aseptic Pineapple Crushed
  • Mandarin Orange Sacs / Segments
  • Aseptic Aloe Vera


Natural Colors: We offer a comprehensive range of primary natural food colors and Coloring Foods based on vegetables and juice concentrates in liquid and powder form for all types of food applications such as meat& fish, dairy, oil & fats, snack and savory, confectionary, bakery & pastry and beverages.

Synthetic Colors: We supply a wide range of colors used in different applications. Our colors are made in water-soluble and oil-soluble variants. Water soluble dyes come in various shades and forms such as powder, granules and liquids.

Cocoa Powder

We supply range of cocoa powders, based on the needs of our customers, from defatted cocoa powder with 0-2% fat content to 10-12% natural and alkalized cocoa powders in various shades which is used in different applications such as bakery and confectionery, ice cream and dairy as well as in low caloric health products.
Our Low fat cocoa powder ensures high intense coloring and dissolving in liquid is exceptionally good. Due to less fat, a mild alkalization still results in a strong color impact without requirements to label alkali (under 7%).

Cocoa Butter

We supply JS COCOA’s range of cocoa butters, varying from standard deodorized cocoa butter ORIGINAL™ for quality chocolates, to ultra-low FFA refined cocoa butter VELVET™ for example in margarines, spreads and ice cream coatings, and paper-white cocoa butter POLAR™ for high-end specialty products. Other well known-brands in our portfolio are OLYMPUS and CURVE™.

ORIGINAL: Deodorized cocoa butter ORIGINAL is produced for premium quality chocolates. With a steep melting curve and a perfect crystalization. A pure cocoa butter, clear from off flavors and odors and ideal for high end chocolate tablets and pralines.

POLAR: Refined and deodorized cocoa butter POLAR is a premium cocoa ingredient for the production of ultra-white chocolates, also used in some high end cosmetics, pharmaceutics, and personal care products. The combination of specially selected cocoa beans and the additional refining, results in this delicate paper-white cocoa butter, used only for the best and premium products.

CURVE20: Deodorized cocoa butter CURVE20 is the best choice for any quality conscious chocolate producer that also aims for a good value for money proposition. This clean and clear, odor and flavor free, deodorized cocoa butter has a nice crystalisation and melting curve working in any chocolate product to bring many smiles on the faces of your customers.

VELVET: Refined and deodorized cocoa butter VELVET is known by many under the name Schoemaker butter. We have been producing this specialty since the old days and still today we bring this smooth, creamy and velvetty cocoa butter to many of our customers across the globe. It is great for ice cream and cereal bar coatings, for the production of chocolate sprinkles, molded shapes and in spreads to replace palm-based fats. Some use it to make their chocolates softer for pressed inprints. Others use it for its unique low free fatty acid content. Whatever the application, always an affordable solution.

OLYMPUS: Double refined cocoa butter OLYMPUS is a very low free fatty acids containing cocoa butter for sensitive cosmetics, pharmaceutics and personal care products. It has a very smooth, creamy and velvetty structure. It is very clear and clean and the color can be adjusted in line with customer preferences. It is FDA approved and part of USP-NF standards in de USA. OLYMPUS is the market leading brand in the USA for decades.

Functional Ingredients

VEGAMEAT: We supply Vegameat which is a plant-based meat alternative made from pea protein by Taiyo GmbH. The granules are 100 percent natural, free of additives and preservatives, and also allergen-free. Due to the minced meat-like texture and the spicy taste, the vegan pea protein granules can be used in dishes such as Bolognese or Lasagne. It can be fried like minced meat in the pan, or it can be used as a substitute for a recipe. Particular advantages of Vegemeat are the high protein content of more than 75g / 100g, the non-existent pea taste and the pleasant consistency. It is also preservative-free and low in carbohydrates.

Matcha: Matcha Powder is an innovative product that has many dynamic uses. It is made from organic grinded premium green tea leaves (Matcha) and it is a savoured taste of Japan. Matcha provides products with a smooth, excellent tea flavor and it contains a high amount of polyphenols, vitamin K and manganese.

Teavigo: The major catechin in green tea – known as EGCg – is the main contributor to its many health benefits. Scientists believe antioxidants protect and repair cells from damage and may provide natural benefits for heart health, weight control and oral care (teeth and breath). Teavigo® offers a high potency green tea extract which is made of high-quality green tea leaves by water extraction. Ethyl acetate (food grade) is the only approved solvent to concentrate the tea polyphenols. During this concentration process there is always the risk that chemical residues such as pesticides are also concentrated in the tea extract. Therefore, Taiyo strictly controls the pesticide levels in the tea leaves and in the final product.

Sunfiber: Sunfiber® is partially hydrolysed Guar Gum (PHGG), an all-natural galactomannan water-soluble fiber that is tasteless, colorless and odorless. Sunfiber® delivers a high fiber content and excellent pH, heat and freeze/thaw stability. It is clinically proven to lower the glycaemic index, improve mineral absorption and promote intestinal regularity.


SunActive: SunActive® is a patented and protected Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) by Taiyo GmbH consisting of micronized and micro encapsulated nutrients for an effective nutrient delivery through foods, beverages and dietary supplements. SunActive® is free of any flavors, colors or preservatives and it is stable against heat, salt, pH and oxidation.

The range of SunActive includes variety of Iron pyrophosphate, zinc oxide, magnesium and Coenzyme Q10.


Liquid Soya Lecithin: used in chocolates, bakery, instant mixes, cookies, biscuits, cones and wafers.

Liquid Soya hydrolysed lecithin: used in mayonnaise, non-dairy creams, instant mixes, sauces, bakery, cone, wafers.

Liquid organic Soya lecithin: used in confectionary, Bakery and Baby Food.

Powder Soya lecithin: used in baked goods, instant drinks, dairy powder, nutritional products, release agents.

Granular Soya Lecithin: used as direct oral consumption as a supplement.

Liquid Sunflower lecithin: used in chocolates, bakery, instant mixes, cookies, biscuits, cones and wafers.

Powder Sunflower lecithin: used in baked goods, instant drinks, dairy powder, nutritional products, release agents.
s or preservatives and it is stable against heat, salt, pH and oxidation.

The range of SunActive includes variety of Iron pyrophosphate, zinc oxide, magnesium and Coenzyme Q10.


WGCP: WGCP™ developed by Taiyo is made from the entire raw unroasted bean that is processed by a patented process (Deep temperature Cryo-Milling under inert-gas atmosphere) into a powder that is still rich in fiber, acids and other nutrients that offer many health benefits. WGCP™, is not an extract. WGCP™ is a natural food source, so it can be added to foods.


Roasted whole bean & ground coffee:  we are the exclusive agent of El Gusto Foods in the UAE and distribute their range of coffee and cocoa products in the UAE’s wholesale, HORECA and retail market.