Fragrance & Cosmetics


We offer over a hundred perfume oils that are perfect for different applications:

Fine Perfumery: Fragrance Concentrate for eau de toilette, eau de parfum, 100% natural perfume, perfume free of alcohol for women, men, children, babies and animals.

Cosmetic: Fragrance concentrate for face cream, hand cream, body cream, makeup, hair products, bath oil, soap, shampoo, deodorant, for women, men, children, babies and animals.

Household: Fragrance concentrate for industrial products: Multi surfaces cleaners, floors cleaners, glass cleaners, kitchen cleaners, dish cleaners, laundry washing and care, air fresheners for home and automobile.

Homecare: Fragrance concentrate for your, scented candles, incense, scented cards, perfume dispensers for retailers and big industrial companies.


Natural Colors: Cosmetic and skin care brands are more and more switching to use natural colors to produce a cleaner and more natural product. We offer 100% oil-soluble and water-soluble natural colors for Cosmetics in different shades.

Pigments: We offer variety of pigments such as D&C Lake, FD&C Lake, Al Lake Pigments, Non D&C and FD&C Lake pigments, both water and oil soluble for different applications such as make-up, lip care, eye care, nail care, personal care and toiletries products.

Functional Ingredients

Sunfiber: Developed by Taiyo GmbH, Sunfiber (INCI Name: Hydrolysed Guar) is a clear and water soluble fiber from Guar bean, stable in all pH levels without any smell or taste which is suitable for all kinds of cosmetics products. It can be used as stabilizer to increase viscosity to gels and creams, etc and moisturizing properties.

Sunfiber also can fulfill a prebiotic function on the skin and supports skin microbiome.

Cocoa Butter

Refined / double refined and deodorized cocoa butter is a premium cocoa ingredient for the production of cosmetics, pharmaceutics, and personal care products. The combination of specially selected cocoa beans and the additional refining, results in a delicate paper-white and smooth cocoa butter to be used in different applications. It is very clear and clean and the color can be adjusted in line with customer preferences. It is FDA approved and part of USP-NF standards in de USA.


  • Liquid Soya Lecithin: for creams, anti-aging formulations
  • Liquid Soya Phosphatidyl Choline 20% & 35% (GMO): for Hard Gel Encapsulation
  • Liquid Soya Lyso Phosphatidyl Choline 35% (GMO): for soft Gel Encapsulation and Formulation
  • Soya Phosphatidyl Choline 50%, 70% & 90% (GMO): Skin treatments, Cosmetics, Lipossuction, Encaplulation and formulations
  • Powder Soya Phosphatidyl Choline 20%, 30%, 35% & 40% (GMO): Hard Gel Encapsulation and Formulation
  • Liquid Sunflower lecithin: Creams, Anti-Aging formulations
  • Liquid Phosphatidyl Coline 20% & 30%: used in Soft Gel Encapsulation formulation
  • Powder Phosphatidyl Coline 20% & 30%: used in Hard Gel Encapsulation formulation