What is Fiber?

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that helps keep our digestive systems healthy. It makes us to feel fuller during the day and it helps cholesterol and blood sugar level, as well as preventing diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and bowel cancer.

What are the 3 types of fiber?

The 3 types of fiber are:

  • Soluble Fiber: causes slower digestion and some kinds of it, causes lower heart diseases.
  • Insoluble Fiber: helps to pass the food quicker through stomach and intestines.
  • Resistant Starch: helps with production of good bacteria and improves bowel health

How much fiber do we need to take?

As an average, an adult female person needs to take 30g of fiber, and an adult male person, needs to take 20g of fiber daily.

What is Sunfiber®?

Sunfiber® is all natural and 100% water soluble dietary fiber prepared by enzymatic fermentation from Indian Guar Beans produced by Taiyo. It is tasteless, colorless and odorless water soluble dietary fiber powder.
It is highly heat, freeze and thaw stable.

What does Sunfiber® do?

Sunfiber® improves functionality of foods and beverages, delivers a high dietary fiber content and excellent stability over a wide pH-range, improves mineral absorption and promote intestinal regularity.

In what application can the Sunfiber® be used?

Sunfiber® can be used in different applications such as dairy, beverages, tea bags, instant beverage blends, syrups, powder blends, bakery products, confectionery, liquid supplements, drying agent, bars and crisps, protein shakes, capsules and tablets, meat products and be used as flour.

Sunfiber® Cola: an example of turning what is considered unhealthy, to healthy.

Sunfiber® Cola was introduced in Germany as a sugar-free and high in fiber cola drink, by Taiyo, Sinalco and Sweethouse. It is fermented by bacteria in the large intestine to provide a form of sugar-free slow-release energy. By many, this is considers as an revolution in the food industry as it is welcomes as a project of turning what is considered unhealthy drink by many, into healthy!

Based on IHME, 2015, today one out of three adults worldwide is overweight and unfortunately obesity problems are becoming increasingly common within young people. Having said that, Sunfiber® Cola can increase fiber uptake as well as reduce calorie intake, which both are associated with a weight-reduction effect.
In September 2019, Sunfiber® Cola was presented at the “Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages Congress” event in London, UK, for the very first time.

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