Sunphenon® TH30 is made from green tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis). Tea has been seen as a calming and healing beverage for a long time. The calming effect of the tea is attributed to the contained L-Theanine and the green tea plant is very rich in natural L-Theanine. It is considered to prevent from sleeplessness, fatigue and chronic fatigue. But it can also help to lower stress and increase the ability to focus at work, study or sportive activities.

Sunphenon® TH30 can be used in dietary supplements, beverages, dairy products and confectioneries. It is the only legal form of L-Theanine that can be used in Europe because it is 100% naturally derived from green tea.

As adulteration is getting one of the biggest problems of the food industry and many Theanine products contain synthetic L-Theanine or chemically produced L-Theanine, Taiyo’s Sunphenon® TH30 is a natural and safe green tea extract that contains 30% pure natural L-Theanine. Taiyo guarantees that this product is 100% natural and free from adulteration.

Furthermore, Sunphenon® TH30 has now achieved the ISO 2017:19657 certification just like Sunfiber.®  Taiyo has sent samples and information to the certifying body UBF in Germany for certifying Sunphenon® TH30 as a natural ingredient. As a result, it fulfils the definitions and technical criteria on the basis of which food ingredients can be classified as natural. Therefore, it has been given the “natural certification”.

Food adulteration also known as food fraud is a rising issue in the food industry.

Whether adulterated, contaminated or inaccurately labelled, deliberately or accidentally, many food products are not what they claim to be, putting the entire industry’s credibility at stake. Food Fraud is particularly prevalent in various products such as coffee, chia, herbs and spices, to name a few.

Also Tea and Matcha are some of the most adulterated foods in the world. Taiyo as a Japanese company has a very strict quality control, controls the tea leaves, the pesticides use and also the full production process of its green tea extract with many quality steps. Regarding Matcha, Taiyo works with a renowned Japanese partner to ensure that its product is authentic, of guaranteed quality and derived from a strictly monitored cultivation and production process. Therefore, Taiyo can guarantee that all products are 100 % pure and free from any adulteration.

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