Fruit Ingredients

Green Banana Powder

Product: Green Banana Powder
Description: from freshly picked green banana
Application: In gluten-free formulas, beverage, pasta, bakery, cereal bars, baby food & other.
Season: Gluten-free flour, fat replacement, mineral enrichment, source of resistance starch

Pineapple Pomace Powder

Product: Pineapple Pomace Powder
Description: Obtained by drying of pineapple pomace to desired moisture level.
Application: Bakery, snacks, beverages & healthy supplements.
Season: Rich in dietary fiber, also rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium

Bromelain Powder

Product: Bromelain Powder
Description: A Protein digestive enzyme taken mostly from Pineapple stem
Application: Food & beverage, cosmetics, healthcare, industrial.

Benefits: Rich in dietary fiber, rich in minerals (potassium & magnesium)
Pack size: 10 kgs/aluminum foil bag coated al. drum
Storage: 2-8°C dry
Shelf life: 1 year

Matcha Powder

Product: Matcha Powder
Description: Matcha is powdered whole leaf green tea, which is used in different industries.
Application: Beverages, bakeries, confectionery, dairy and etc.

Benefits: Matcha is a rich source of polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, fibers, chlorophyll and L-theanine and can be used as a unique refreshing flavor in beverages, dairy products and confectioneries.
Pack size: 5 kg carton
Shelf life: 2 years

SunActive® Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Q-10E


Product: Water-Soluble Fiber Powder
Description: A water-soluble bean fiber derived from the Indian Guar Bean, which drives high dietary fiber content.

Application: To be used in all food and beverage products to replace fat, starch, carbohydrate, to reduce sugar by 30% in Dairy, in baking, SunFiber can be used to reduce 20-33% of starch containing flour.
It also increases the mouth feeling of dairy products such as ice cream or yogurt.
Pack size: 10 / 15 kg carton
Shelf life: 2 years


Product: Powdered Indian gooseberry extract
Application: To be used in dietary supplements, nutritional bars, beverages, powder drink mixes, cereal, jams, yogurt and dairy products. Amla is the ideal fruit for natural well-being, antioxidant, beauty, weight management and blood circulation dietary concept.

Pack size: 10 kg carton
Shelf life: 2 years


Product: Pure L-Theanine Powder
Description: An award winning pure L-Theanine powder, which is the major amino acid found in green tea for the relief of stress and for well-being. Suntheanine was awarded the “Food Ingredient Research Award” at the 1998 Food Ingredients Europe and “Best New Product of 2000” at Nutracon.

Application: It can be used in instant beverage, tablets sachets, effervescent, teas and many other dietary supplements and food applications.
Pack size: 10 kg carton
Shelf life: 3 years


Product: High Polyphenol Green Tea Extract
Description: The major catechin in green tea is the main contributor to its many health benefits. Scientists believe antioxidants protect and repair cells from damage and may provide natural benefits for heart health, weight control and oral care (teeth and breath).
Application: Teavigo offers a high potency green tea extract which is made of high-quality green tea leaves by water extraction and can be used in food, beverage and dietary supplements.

Application: It can be used in instant beverage, tablets sachets, effervescent, teas and many other dietary supplements and food applications.
Pack size: 10 kg carton
Shelf life: 3 years


Product: Vegan Pea Protein Granules
Description: Vegemeat is an allergen-free, vegan meat alternative based on pea protein. It is 100% natural and without additives. Due to the minced meat-like texture and the spicy taste, the vegan pea protein granules can be used in dishes such as Bolognese or Lasagne. It can be fried like minced meat in the pan, or it can be used as a substitute for a recipe. Particular advantages of Vegemeat are the high protein content of 78g / 100g, the non-existent pea taste and the pleasant consistency. It is also preservative-free and low in carbohydrates and fat.

Replicates minced meat texture
High protein content (78%)
Low in carbohydrates & fat
Allergen-free, without soy & gluten
No additives or preservatives
No pea taste
Pack size: 10 kg carton
Shelf life: 1.5 year

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