Well, to answer this question, lets us first explain what the bread improver is:

It is a mix of different enzymes, emulsifiers and acids to strengthen the gluten in the flour and feed the yeast and to create a better loaf of bread by improving its features.

Why are bread improvers important?

The bread improver is used to improve the tenderness, color, smell and composition of the bread. It helps the bakers, especially those who make big quantities, to have an auxiliary in the baking process, including preparation, backing, cooling and cutting the bread.

What does bread improver do?

Let’s get a bit technical! Emulsifiers such as DATEM, monoglyceride and calcium stearoyl lactylate implement a positive effect on the quality, floury and tenderness. Such emulsifiers trap the gas bubbles in the dough during kneading and rising, and provide a nice floury texture.

If you have a bakery and you need bread improvers for any kind of bread such as:

  • Hamburger bun
  • Toast bread
  • Baguette
  • Frozen banquette
  • Pizza
  • Etc,

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